GeoJournal and the Magellan CrossoverGPS

Recently, I bought a Magellan CrossoverGPS.It’s a very nice unit that supports both turn-by-turn navigation and offroad mode, which makes it quite versatile for Geocaching.   You’ll notice that GeoJournal (and GPSBabel) does not have direct support for this unit.  This unit is actually a version of the Magellan RoadMate (Model 2500t), which still doesn’t have direct USB support.However, the Crossover does have an SD card expansion slot.  

Using an SD card, you can make your CrossoverGPS compatible with GeoJournal!

In a nutshell, do the following:

  • Under preferences, select Magellan and Explorist 210 (actually any Explorist module will do).
  • Select “USB Storage” and “NO NAME” as the volume name. Note: When you mount the SD card on your Mac, this name should match that.  By default, a blank card will show up as “NO NAME”.
  • Save the settings.
  • Mount the SD card, and open Finder and navigate to the main folder.
  • Create a new folder called “My POIs”
  • In GeoJournal, when you export to GPS, select “Magellan Point of Interest” as the Waypoint type and click export.
  • Your geocaches will be saved in the “My POIs” folder as a .upt file.
  • Unmount the SD card and put it into your Crossover.
  • Import the waypoints on the Crossover by going to the Outdoor mode->Options->Import Data->Waypoints
  • Your geocaches are now in the unit!  You can navigate to them in Vehicle Nav mode and in Outdoor mode…  

GeoJournal v1.1.05 released

I apologize for the release… I must have built it with an old version of the source, because it re-introduced some bugs that were supposed to be fixed. This new build fixes everything, and adds support for over 100 items in the itinerary.  Thanks!

GeoJournal v1.1.01 released

A bugfix version has been released based on user feedback. will have more substantial fixes, and it’s still in the works.  You can download version 1.1.01 by clicking the Download link on the right.-Rich 

GeoJournal v1.1.00 released

Hello all.  I just released GeoJournal v1.1.00.  No big new features (yet), but some big bug fixes and some changes to make things run better with Leopard.  I hope for some major feature changes in 1.2.00.  You can download it from the link to the right.Thank you!Rich 

Forums are online.

Sorry for the delay. The GeoJournal support forums are now online. You can access them at This Link. I have been tied up with personal issues, but I will be getting out a GeoJournal 1.1 update within a week. Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. I am looking forward to getting more time to implement some of your ideas.

Server outage updates…

On July 31st, the GeoIngenuity server crashed. Hard.

That’s exactly 1 day after the release of GeoJournal. Just in case you thought otherwise, I can tell you first hand that Mr. Murphy is still quite alive and well, and keeps the most impeccable timing…

Luckily, I use VMWare to virtualize the server, which makes it handy if the underlying server hardware goes kaput. You just upload the server image to a new VMWare server, and bring it up just like nothing happened…

Well, I did have a backup, but what I didn’t account for was the pathetically slow upload speed of my Comcast cable modem. They tout 384k upload speeds, but in reality it was more like 80k. Wonderful. It took about 3 days, on and off, to upload the image to the new temporary server. Hopefully, I will have new server hardware and I can transfer the image back to the new hardware. I wasn’t expecting the new hardware expense, but Murphy doesn’t usually let you know when he’s coming for a visit, so it’s just one of those things…

Why is this important to you, the GeoJournal user? Well, simply put, the Google Map feature of GeoJournal must communicate with this server initially before it accesses the map data from Google. This is a requirement based on Google’s terms of service and program API. When my server goes offline, the maps will not work. The good news is with DNS changes I can redirect the map queries to another server, and that’s what I did when the server died. I had map calls redirected within a couple hours, while the hardware was down for days (and is still down, actually).

I’ll post a new announcement when the new hardware is going in. I promise it wont take days to upload this time…

GeoJournal version 1.0.00 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of GeoJournal version 1.0.00.
GeoJournal is the first application of it’s kind written for the Mac. It’s
got a ton of great features that allow you to Plan, Manage, and Record your
Geocaching Adventures. Briefly, it’s great features include:

- GPX/LOC support
- Multiple cache categories
- Multiple home locations
- Embedded web browser with Google Maps
- Itinerary generation
- Associate pictures and notes with Found caches
- POP3 importing for PQs
- Paperless caching with CacheMate PDB files, GPX, or Text exporting
- Integration with Google Earth, Apple iCal, and more!

To download, please click on the download link on the right side of the web site. Also, please reference the manual in the application (Help->User Guide) or on this web site.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy using the application.