Utopia. Parallel.

Designation through inspiration, art & (re)creation. Ingenuity rules & freedom follows.

At 2 I said ” no trees shall be cut down ” , so I got to work and built visionary lego megacities.

Ilario Ianni, part Dutch, part Italian & Australian born. Lived in the Netherlands for 9 years in a row as well as Australasia, Europe, Americas and Asia.

Solution oriented, multilingual professional with excellent communication and team building skills. Creative thinking, strong analytical skills and comfortable in the engagement with others.

Game design interest w/ endless possibilities in reality, (water)projects/ shipping/ oceonography/hydrography & contributing to development and innovation.

Following various (water) sports, engaged in animal welfare, racing, acting.

Think of all the possiblities yet to come out of water, or water floating cities. Or even DMO which are resilient to financial or health risks. I would like to work in areas of natural beauty, of areas of special scientific interest, and simply shine light onto the unknown and innovate.

What I really would like to do is connect the broad areas of geography with other multi disciplinary disciplines. I.e. connect the space humans use with that of nature, and with the areas of multi functional national defense with that of climate adaptation. As a interdisciplinary leader in this cutting edge area of interest I want to service the good of the people and connect the differing ideologies of people and organisations. Furthermore, I am highly interested in adventurous outside work, the auditing/land use planning/maritime/water/shipping industry, where many of the future world mobility and safety importance will depend on. For this reason I seek high energy fast moving work environments and people who want to get things done yesterday. By doing so I want to the the world moving towards utopia with differing geophysical quantum realities.

Bringing together multidisciplinary fields to create the worlds of the future.

Human Race 1

Astronomical Year 2020

Plant Species 391000

Animal Species 50mi

Earth Volume 510000000km^2